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Student Wellbeing

At Hartford Junior School our key aims in supporting each child’s wellbeing, are to help support each child to:-

  • Recognise their own strengths and difficulties.
  • Develop self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Work and play co-operatively.
  • Compete fairly, win and lose with grace and dignity and respect all others.
  • Recover from setbacks and persist in the face of difficulties.
  • Make and sustain friendships.
  • Recognise and stand up for their own rights and the rights of others.
  • Be able to solve problems alone and with the help of others.
  • Manage feelings such as frustration, anger and anxiety.
  • Understand and value the differences between people.

We believe that by nurturing each child’s well-being, children will become effective and successful learners.

Medicines in School

Most children from time to time will need to take medication due to childhood illnesses

Short-Term Medicines

For children receiving a short term course of prescribed medicine, parent/carers will be invited to come into school during the day to administer this treatment. Alternatively parents/carers can administer the medication just before school begins and/or as soon as possible when children leave school.  School staff will not administer short term prescribed medication.

Long-Term Medicines

For children with long-term medical needs the school will meet with the parent/carers, health professionals and, where appropriate, other agencies before the child begins school. 
Parent/carers will complete a request for the school to administer medication. The Headteacher will then complete a form giving agreement for the medication to be administered.  The school will not give medicine to any child unless the parent/carers complete the form and the Headteacher has agreed that school staff can administer the medication.

All medication must be in a container clearly labelled with the child’s name, date of birth and medication name.

The school will not dispose of medicines; parent/carers will be asked to do so. Medication will be sent home at the end of each school year and not stored in school.

Where manufacturers’ instructions require that medication is stored in a temperature controlled environment this will be stored in the school’s refrigerator. 

Parent/carers must not send any medicines, including those bought over the counter e.g. lip salves or cough sweets, into school. 

The school records details each and every time a child takes medication during the school day, and restricts the number of people permitted to administer/supervise the process. All medication is locked securely away in the school office.  

Parents will be asked to complete and sign a Medicines in School form each time they bring medicine into school for their child. The school's policy is available to download on this page.

Sun Cream

When the weather is warm, parent/carers are asked to put long lasting sun cream on to children before they come to school. Sun cream must not be sent into school. In exceptional circumstances eg medical reasons, the school will make alternative arrangements.

Bringing out the Best in Everyone