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Product Design


 In December we visited Charpak Ltd, in Huntingdon, to see what life was really like as a Product Designer!

We were shown a presentation of which plastics the company uses to make their packaging products. However, we had trouble pronouncing the word! POLYPROPOLENE

The company told us lots of interesting facts like:

  • 70% of their packaging is recyclable
  • They used 70 million plastic bottles last year to recycle into packaging
  • Hotel Chocolat use their company to package their chocolate
  • Christmas is their most busy time of year and they have to start working on the packaging one year in advance!
  • They have over 100 people working in the company

We were able to handle a variety of moulds and packaging which included Darth Vader soap packaging, Thomas The Tank Engine cake moulds, Chocolate packaging and much, much more!

We looked through two large windows to see some huge machines that heated the plastic up, sent it through big rollers to flatten it into sheets , which could then be used to mould into whatever shape was needed.

The children were then split into 3 groups of 4 and given an A3 piece of paper with 6 blank baubles printed on. The three groups each had their own product designer. The children then drew some Christmas themed pictures on the baubles. These were then taken through to the design area where they were reconstructed on the computers using special design software. The children really enjoyed this as they could see their pictures coming to life!

They each had a go on the computers, learning how to change the colour of their designs and add details which made the image look 3D.

At the end of the trip, the children were presented with a Hartford Junior School mould, which could be used at home for melting chocolate into and a chocolate each, with our logo on!

Overall the trip was absolutely amazing. The people who work at Charpak were fantastic and the children really enjoyed themselves.

Thank you Charpak Ltd!