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12th December 2018

This afternoon we wrote thank you letters to the visitor that we had in November (Sqn Ldr Scott). The children explained what they enjoyed about his presentation.

Then we looked at ways communication can be effective and why it would need to be in a military setting. The children had to show with their body language whether they were interested or bored with a conversation. Then they had to have the same conversations closing their eyes and then eyes open but sat on their hands. The group then explained how they felt during these conversations and most of them hadn’t realised how much they used their hands when they talked. A really interesting look at effective communication.

21st November 2018  

This afternoon we had a visit from Squadron Leader Scott, who came into talk to us about the Royal Air Force, its history and future. He explained about when he joined the RAF, his training that he had undertaken and where he had been based during his career. He explained that he had been at RAF Wyton but was now working at RAF High Wycombe undertaking a digitisation project and how much his budget was worth (millions). The children were really interested and asked lots of insightful questions about his job and also why he had joined up.  Sqn Ldr Scott was very gracious in allowing the children to try on pieces of his uniform and they were able to look at the medals he had received – Afghanistan, Iraq, Queens Golden and Jubilee medals and a long standing good conduct of service medal. An enjoyable afternoon was had by all.

7th November 2018

This afternoon, we prepared all the poppies that had been made throughout the school into a display in the hall. The group had some really good ideas on how to show the poppies off and the display looks fabulous and the school worked really hard on making the poppies.

When the display was finished, we discussed why we have poppies and especially red ones. The group said that it was to show the red of blood and poppies were the flowers that grew in the battlefields of Europe. We also discussed how WW1 started and why.

26th September 2018 

In the afternoon we looked at various adverts for each of the individual forces – RAF, Army, Navy and Royal Marines and discussed what jobs they were advertising, but also what was highlighted in all of the adverts (travel, team work and friendships). We then worked in teams and came up with a selection of skills and qualifications they thought would be needed in this profession. A really enjoyable afternoon.