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21st November 2018

This afternoon we thought really carefully about all the different jobs that there are in hospital that are not doctors or nurses. We heard stories about different people visiting hospital for different reasons and listed all the different jobs that they would interact with on their journey. We then looked closely at some of these job profiles and thought about the skills that would be needed to do these jobs.

7th November 2018  

Today we thoughts about how hospitals never close – even for Christmas! We decided to help out in a local campaign to make Christmas cards for those who would be in hospital over the festive period and might not get any visitors. We know it is early to think about Christmas but we needed to get the cards sent in by the end of next week.

26th September 2018   

We thought about what makes us us. We thought about things we like and things we don’t as well as things we are good at and things we would like to improve on. We then did a quiz about the NHS, which turns 70 this year, and thought about misconceptions we had e.g. all nurses must be female.