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12th December 2018

Today we discussed what we had found out from our visitor during the previous session. The children were able to contribute to a long list about what Steve does for his job. They used this information to write a Thank You letter.

After they had done that, the children started to research different types of computing courses that are on offer at Huntingdon Regional College. They were surprised at the range of courses that were available.

All of the children in the IT group have achieved their Level 1 apprenticeship – well done!

21st November 2018

The IT group were lucky enough to have a visitor come to see us this week. Mr Steve West, who works for Amazon Web Services, came to talk to the children about his job. We found out all sorts of interesting information about what he does for his company. We found out about the different qualifications that he needed in order to work for Amazon Web Services and about the skills that he uses every day: reading, writing, interpreting graphs, timekeeping, and creating presentations. He also uses communication skills of both listening and speaking to people.

The children enjoyed listening to Mr West and asked him lots of questions (most of them relevant!)

26th September 2018

We thought carefully about the different skills that we have. We identified that we use different skills inside and outside of school, and that a lot of them overlap. The children were surprised to discover that they use maths skills outside of school! Later in the session, we investigated some of the IT jobs that are available on the internet at the moment. We tried to identify the different skills that were needed for the jobs (which was quite tricky!). We shared our ideas and clarified the different skills and thought about how different they were to the skills that we use in school.

Session 1

We introduced ourselves and talked about how we had decided to dress up as someone who worked in the IT sector. Costumes varied from dress down in jeans and t-shirt to very smart with a laptop bag.

We made a mind map about all of the different jobs that we thought people might work at in this industry.In the afternoon, we shared this information with the other groups in the assembly.