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Financial Services

21st November 2018

Today we participated in a Natwest MoneySense Workshop, which involved us having to plan and organise a party by making decisions about what to include within a set budget, identifying costs and showing an understanding of the value of money. At the end of the session, we had to make a short presentation to the group to show our ideas for a party giving the best value. We all managed to keep under our £100 budget. We were supported throughout the session by Mohommad, who is a Natwest Community Banker. At the end of our session, he presented us all with a certificate and piggy keyring. It was great fun!

7th November 2018

Today we were very lucky to have Mr. Graham Beattie visit us from HSBC Bank. He talked to us about his role within the bank, as a Relationship Support Manager. He also told us about the different jobs there are within a bank and the skills needed to fulfil these roles. During the session there were plenty of opportunities to ask questions and we also had a banking exercise to complete. At the end of the session, we all received an HSBC pen. We are very grateful to Mr Beattie for giving up his time to work with us today. Thank you!