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Animal Care

21st November 2018

We were lucky enough to have Kay from The Blue Cross come and visit us in class. She spent an hour with us discussing the vital role that The Blue Cross play in animal welfare and treated the children to a Dog Care talk.

We discussed all aspects of caring for our canine friends and learned some useful safety tips for if we encounter a dangerous dog. All vital information that the children were eager to learn!

Finally, we had time to discuss with Kay the different types of job role available within The Blue Cross charity. Jobs ranging from admin support, charity shops workers to equestrian behaviourists and hydrotherapists. What a great, informative and valuable afternoon.

7th November 2018

The Animal Care Apprenticeship group spent this afternoon researching and presenting three important job roles within animal care careers.

Veterinary Surgeon

Canine Hydrotherapist

RSPCA Inspector

Everyone spent some time reading about the job role, the qualifications required, the salary and working conditions. Each group then presented their findings to the whole group and answered questions about the job role.

After the presentation, we each chose our favourite job out of the three and made some notes about why we might make a good candidate for the job and what personal qualities we have that would compliment the position.

We had a visitor this afternoon!

8th October 2018 

This session was based on introducing a Growth Mindset approach to our futures. Children watched ‘Giraffes can’t dance’ by Giles Andreae. Discussion with the children unravelled the deeper messages behind the children’s story of effort, perseverance and faith in our own abilities. We researched some Growth Mindset affirmations to help us understand what the journey to success can look like.If you’re not struggling, you’re not learning.

Smart is something you become, not something you are.  Stop being afraid of what could go wrong, start being excited about what could go right.  Mistakes are proof you are learning. Afterwards, we drew our own picture of Gerald the giraffe and wrote our favourite quotes that inspired us around the outside. The sky is the limit!

 26th September 2018 

 We had a great day today introducing ourselves to our groups and explaining what we had dressed up as. Most of us had come as Veterinary Surgeons and Nurses as we had a limited knowledge of the wide and varied jobs available working with animals.

We completed a mind map of ideas and after some deeper discussion, identified a huge number of different careers that involved caring for and training animals!

Some of our ideas were very exciting and we look forward to exploring some more careers and the skills that the need in more detail.