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PE & Sport


Our curriculum will prepare and support pupils to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, supporting their mental and physical well-being. We will build the skills of self-confidence and perseverance and pupils will experience a real sense of achievement that this provides.

Children will engage with a broad range of sporting skills using the Get Set 4 PE Scheme of Work. These skills are incorporated into competitive games, dance and gymnastic performances using movement patterns and evaluations of their own and others’ work. Through communication and collaboration with each other, they develop an understanding of how to improve their response to physical activities and action this. There are opportunities throughout the year for pupils to participate in festivals and a wide range of  sporting events.

Our children will be in the best position possible to swim with confidence, and enthusiastically engage in a variety of physical activities and sporting opportunities as their educational and life journey continues beyond Hartford Junior School.

Bringing out the Best in Everyone