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Lower Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage Two is made up of two classes of Year Three and two classes of Year Four.

The children are aged 7-9.

The Year Thee classes are called Beech and Chestnut and the Year Four classes are Pine and Sycamore.

A team of Teaching Assistants work in Lower Key Stage Two supporting the children with their learning.

Year Three is accessed in a morning via their classroom doors where the staff are on the door to greet them at 8.45am. These are situated on the main playgound close to the Infant school building. The children also leave from these doors at 3.15pm.

Year Four is accessed from the doors leading onto the field and then proceed to the stairs to their classrooms on the first floor. Staff are on hand to greet them at the door and also on the stair well. The children also leave by the same doors.

All our classrooms have access to extra learning space outside their classrooms in our extensions.


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