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Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to the Hartford Junior School website.

It has been my very great pleasure to be headteacher of this wonderful school since September 2015. During that time the school has made fantastic progress in all the things we feel are important. These can be best explained through our ethos of 'effort, encouragement, excellence'.

All the staff and governors at Hartford know that the more effort we put into something, the better the results. There's no better feeling than working hard at something and being successful at it. That's why we emphasise to our pupils why they need to do the same. Our pupils know the value of trying their hardest, getting stuck, making mistakes and then learning from them. Our pupils know that if something's hard, it's probably going to take resilience and self belief to work their way through it. And our pupils know the great feeling that comes when they do!

To succeed needs more than just effort though. By offering encouragement to our pupils, we aim to help them become happy, successful learners. This encouragement takes many forms, but is founded on a compassionate view about what childhood is for. Our children benefit from well-trained teachers who care about them as people and want them to do well. We have high expectations about how our pupils treat each other, and use restorative approaches if problems do arise.

Steve Davis